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Corporate Governance Professional or Lawyer_GG13

Metlife Tokyo, Japan
Posted 24 days ago Permanent Competitive
Corporate Governance Professional or Lawyer_GG13
• 責任


• メットライフ生命のコ-ポレ-トガバナンス:


• 事務局業務

• 取締役会,監査委員会およびリスク• コントロ-ル委員会)"RC&C"(の事務局業務,コ-ポレ-トガバナンス関連事項について,監督側の取締役会と執行側の経営陣を連携する役割.

• 取締役会,監査委員会,R&CCすべての会合の議題の設定,会合前後の経営陣および担当部門• 部署との適切な連携やブリ-フィングの実施,取締役会およびその他の関連会合への出席,議事録の作成• 管理.

• 取締役および執行役に対する研修

• 取締役および執行役の職務と責任に関する新任時研修および継続研修の実施,取締役の fiduciary duty の履行を確保するための説明会/研修の開催.

• コ-ポレ-トガバナンスに関する法令規制の遵守

• コ-ポレ-トガバナンスに関連する法的サポ-ト)株主配当,商業登記,代表執行役印管理など(.
• 様々な関連法令,規制,ガイドライン)特に金融庁の行政方針• ガイドライン(のモニタリング.

• 経験

• 7年以上の法務,コ-ポレ-トガバナンス関連事項あるいは当局対応経験,取締役会や経営会議運営経験,または日本の大手企業または金融機関での同様の経験.あるいは5年以上の弁護士経験

• 健全なビジネス判断力を有する成熟した高度なプロフェッショナル

• 疑いのない倫理観と誠実さを持ち,機密情報の守秘義務を遵守すること

• チ-ム環境でうまく働き,期限厳守する能力

• 優れた企画力,細部への注意力,複雑な計画の遂行と適切な権限移譲

• 取締役会および法定委員会の議事録作成において,どのような事項を記録することが重要であるかを理解し,特別な注意と慎重な取り扱いを必要とする問題に敏感に対応する能力

• ガバナンス関連イニシアチブを合理的に分析し,かかる分析とビジネスへの理解を通じて,重要な社内外の利害関係者に影響を与えること.重要なビジネス上の議論に積極的かつ前向きに参加することで,上級経営陣や取締役会のメンバ-と連携し,影響を与えること

• スキル

• 優れた法的アドバイスおよび事務局業務を遂行するスキル

• 日本語での優れた口頭および書面でのコミュニケ-ション能力.できれば同レベルの英語による書面でのコミュニケ-ション能力

• 取締役会メンバ-,経営陣,ビジネスパ-トナ-,法務部員との明確かつ説得力のあるコミュニケ-ションができる能力

• 様々なステ-クホルダ-と協働する能力

• 優れた組織能力および分析能力

• エクセル,ワ-ド,パワ-ポイントの習熟度

• 資格


• 言語

日本語: ネイティブ,英語: ビジネス会話レベル

• 求める人物像


• Responsibilities:

This position reports to the Head of the Corporate Secretary team of the Legal Department. This position is to support the Corporate Secretary's following responsibilities:
  • MetLife Japan's Corporate Governance: Provide legal advice and services to ensure the integrity of the corporate governance framework of MetLife Japan and to continuously enhance the effectiveness of the governance function at MetLife Japan.
  • Corporate Secretariat services: Providing corporate secretariat services for the Board of Directors ("Board"), Audit Committees ("AC") and Risk & Control Committee ("R&CC"); liaising with the Board and MetLife Japan's senior management on corporate governance matters; and Setting the agenda for all meetings of the Board, AC and R&CC, and conducting appropriate pre- and post-meeting briefings with management and senior staff; attending the Board and other relevant meetings and preparing / maintaining the minutes of those meetings.
  • Trainings for Directors and Statutory Executive Officers ("SEOs"): Providing onboarding and continuous trainings on duties and responsibilities of Directors and SEOs; holding Board information sessions as necessary to ensure Directors' fulfilling their fiduciary duties
  • Compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements relating to the corporate governance: Providing legal support on corporate governance issues (e.g. shareholder dividend, commercial registration, management of corporate seals), monitoring various relevant rules, regulations and guidelines, focusing particularly on the requirements of the FSA)

• Experience:
  • 7+ years of experience as legal/corporate governance professional/regulatory relations, experience with the Board or executive meetings management, or similar experience in a major Japanese company or financial company in Japan desired; or 5+ years of experience as lawyer;
  • Mature and highly professional individual with sound business judgment.
  • Unquestioned ethics and integrity and ability to treat sensitive information in a confidential manner
  • Ability to work well in a team environment and manage to tight deadlines
  • Excellent planning and attention to detail, organizing and delegation of complex planning
  • In keeping minutes of Board and Committee meetings, an understanding of what matters are important to record, and sensitivity to issues that require special attention and particularly careful treatment.
  • Able to analyze governance initiatives and influence critical internal and external stakeholders through reasoned analysis and business understanding; nuanced ability to work well with and influence members of a senior management team and the Board through pro-active and positive participation in critical business discussions.

• Skills:
  • Skills to deliver excellent legal and corporate secretariat advice/services
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in Japanese and preferably the same level written communication skill-set set in English
  • Skills to communicate clearly and persuasively with Board members, senior management, and business partners and fellow Legal members
  • Ability to work collaboratively with various stakeholders
  • Excellent organizational and analytical skills
  • Proficiency with Excel, Word, PowerPoint

• Preferable:

  • Law Degree preferred; Japanese Bar license would be highly appreciated, but not required

  • Japanese: Native, English: Business level fluency

• Personality:
  • Self-sufficient, but who can work well as a team
Job ID  136008
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