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Why I want my CFA exam to be cancelled in December

A lot has been written about the cancellation of  CFA® exams on this website, and the fact that people who have studied hard are disappointed to find that their exams centers are no longer open. I am in a different situation: my exam center is still open, but I wish it was not.

My problem is the risk of travelling to the exam center to take the exam. In my country, there are only two exam centers, and the nearest one is around 300 miles away from my home. I will be relying on public transport to make it to the test center, and I am very nervous about the prospect of doing so. 

The issue is the fact that the situation in our country is deteriorating on daily basis, with nearly 3,000 new COVID cases registered daily. The government has already closed all educational institutions, but CFA Institute seems to be proceeding ahead with their schedule. I feel that this puts me at heightened risk of contracting the virus: candidates from across the country will be travelling to the test centre and converging in an enclosed space for hours. I worry that my life and my family's lives are being put at risk.

Of course, I could simply not sit the exam - and this is something that I may yet choose to do. However, CFA Institute's refund policy states that exam fees will only be refunded if exams have been postponed twice (and then only after 120 days), or in the event of specific circumstances like life-threatening illness or government travel restrictions. 

As things stand, then, I feel I am being compelled to take the test in dangerous and worsening conditions. CFA Institute should consider deferring exams for candidates who are not comfortable with this.

Ozsut Bappi is a pseudonym

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AUTHOROzsut Bappi Insider Comment
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    25 November 2020

    Anyone taking the CFA is in a demographic with a 99.99% survival rate (rather than the 99.5% in the most elderly groups).

    The CDC is reducing its self-quarantine recommendation from 2 weeks to 1 week. The Danish and ACP have concluded masks have no statistical impact on infection rates, and non-shutdown states and countries are turning out to have fared as well or better than lockdown ones.

    In other words, the scare-mongering is unwarranted and dishonest.

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