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If you’re applying for a job at Microsoft in Singapore, one of the main attractions is no doubt its hip and high-tech new office, which opened last month in Frasers Tower on Cecil Street and houses some 1,400 people.

The tech firm’s Asia Pacific headquarters features AI-enabled cameras that allow staff to move seamlessly within its six floors, and kiosks that tell them what rooms are available in real time. There are smart vending machines for IT gear, a robot concierge in the lobby, and an ‘Experience Centre’ showcasing Microsoft’s latest innovations. Microsoft is also recruiting in fairly high numbers in Singapore – it currently has 42 local vacancies on its careers site.

But as a Microsoft candidate, you won’t just be concerned about the company’s hiring plans and its office environment – you’ll also want to know whether Microsoft’s salaries in Singapore are competitive against banks and rival tech firms. Google, Amazon, and Facebook, for example, have established large local operations and are poaching people from banks in the Republic as they continue to expand. More recently, Tencent, Alibaba and ByteDance have been ramping up their Singapore recruitment.

To give you a rough idea of how much you’re likely to earn as a Microsoft employee in Singapore, we examined the firm’s salary data on Glassdoor across seven of the broad job functions that the website has data for. For consistency, we took average figures for each of these job sectors, so (with the exception of the first two roles on the table below, which are senior by default) the Microsoft pay figures are for mid-level staff (people with at least five years’ experience).

The self-reported Glassdoor data below is not definitive and is for guidance purposes only. Microsoft did not respond to a request to comment on its Singapore compensation.

How much are average salaries at Microsoft in Singapore?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, given their seniority, sales director jobs at Microsoft in Singapore are well-paid. Glassdoor’s numbers suggest average base salaries in the function are in the region of S$267k. These are leadership roles, that typically involve managing high performance sales and technical-sales teams, according to Microsoft’s careers site.

Microsoft's solution architect openings in Singapore typically focus on Azure, its cloud platform. You’ll need one or more of these programming languages to apply: C++, C#, Java, Node.js, JSON, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby on Rails, and Pig/Hiv. Your base pay in a mid-level solution architect job at Microsoft in Singapore could potentially be about S$180k, according to the Glassdoor estimates.

Senior product marketing managers at Microsoft take home about S$202k a year, according to Glassdoor, and they help lead strategic projects (such as for Azure). The role typically involves collaborating across multiple product teams and building “connections with engineering and sales stakeholders”, according to Microsoft’s careers site.

A services account executive at Microsoft is essentially a high-end sales role. You will lead sales account strategy for Microsoft’s “most strategic enterprise customers” and may be assigned a particular industry to cover. The approximate Glassdoor figures indicate that average salaries of S$198k are on offer in this job at Microsoft in Singapore.

Average annual salaries at Microsoft in Singapore

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